Madhya Pradesh Scholarship 2023

Madhya Pradesh Scholarships: The Government of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh (MP) introduces a host of schemes for students coming from impoverished backgrounds in the state every year. The Madhya Pradesh state government launches Post-Matric scholarships for the Scheduled Tribes (STs), Other Backward Classes (OBCs), and Scheduled Castes (SCs). By availing Post-Matric scholarships, candidates receive the requisite funds for enrolling in Post-Matric courses.

By offering scholarships, the MP government helps students whose families are unable to afford their tuition fees for higher studies. In addition to that, by educating more youngsters, the Madhya Pradesh government helps to increase the literacy rate in the state.

However, candidates seeking MP government scholarships must study all the stipulated application guidelines first.  Also, they are advised to apply strictly in the given format. It is important to note that if applicants submit incorrect information or do not apply as per the instructions, their applications will be rejected.

Madhya Pradesh Scholarships: Different Types

Here are the various types of Post-Matric scholarships that the Madhya Pradesh government offers:

  • Post Metric Scholarship for Scheduled Castes (SCs)

The Department of Post Matric Scholarships for SCs working under the Madhya Pradesh state government provides these scholarships

  • Post Metric Scholarship for Scheduled Tribes (STs)

The Department of Post Matric Scholarship for STs functioning under the MP government provides these scholarships

  1. Post Metric Scholarship for Other Backward Classes (OBCs)

The Department of Post Matric Scholarship for OBCs of the Government of Madhya Pradesh has the responsibility of designing these scholarships.

Madhya Pradesh Scholarships: Eligibility Norms

The eligibility criteria for Post Matric scholarships of the MP state government are listed below:

  • He/she is required to have domicile status of the Madhya Pradesh state of India
  • The student should be listed in the OBC, ST or SC categories, with respect to the scholarship that he/she is applying for
  • The student has to be learning at a post-matric level to be eligible to apply for the MP state government Post-Matric scholarships
  • Where OBC students are concerned, the annual income of his/her family does not have to be more than INR 75000 for a 100% grant and INR 1 lakh for a 50% grant
  • In case of ST and SC students, the yearly income of their families has to be up to the limit of INR 2.5 lakh for a 100% grant and between INR 60000 and INR 2.5 lakh for a 50% grant

Madhya Pradesh Scholarships: Application Process

As part of the application process for the MP scholarships, aspirants have to fill in the Online Application Form available on the official portal of the Madhya Pradesh State Scholarship Portal 2.0.

  • First, you have to visit the official portal of the MP scholarships,
  • Once here, locate the “New Registration” tab and click on the same.
  • Follow by submitting the mandatory information to register and then tap the “Submit” link
  • As part of the registration process, the system generates a Unique Login ID and Password
  • Your subsequent step is to sign in with your login credentials
  • Thereafter, click on the “Explore” tab and chose among the listed scholarships
  • Now, you have to access the Online Application form and fill in the compulsory details
  • Besides that, upload all the requisite documents; continue by tapping the “Submit” tab
  • Provide all bank details and go through the KYC process
  • Always preview your application and make any changes, if needed
  • Finally, submit your application and keep a print copy of your MP scholarship application

Madhya Pradesh Scholarships: List of Documents

Refer to the following details for the list of mandatory documents when applying for the MP state government scholarships.


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