Arunachal Pradesh Scholarship: Online Application Form, Eligibility, Documents and Last Dates

Arunachal Pradesh Scholarships 2024

The Government of the Arunachal Pradesh state of India provides scholarships to the domiciled students of the state. Owing to financial difficulties, many students cannot pursue higher education. However, by applying to the Arunachal Pradesh Government Scholarships, they can realize their dream of getting quality education via financial assistance.

Stipulated authorities of the Arunachal Pradesh state (including the Directorate of Higher & Technical Education and the Department of Social Justice, Empowerment & Tribal Affairs) offer an array of scholarships to youngsters hailing from the backward sections of society in the state.

Arunachal Pradesh Scholarships: Various Types and Features

The various features of the different scholarships offered by the Arunachal Pradesh Government are studied herein.

Name Arunachal Pradesh Scholarship 2024
Launched by Arunachal Pradesh Government
Objective Providing funds
Beneficiaries Students of the Arunachal Pradesh state
Official site

1. Umbrella Scheme for Education of Scheduled Tribes (ST) Students of Arunachal Pradesh Pre-Matric Scholarships

  • The Ministry of Tribal Affairs of the Government of India offers these scholarships
  • The beneficiaries of this scholarship program receive Rs 350 every month for 10 months
  • An Ad-hoc grant of up to Rs 1000 is also given
  • Blind students will get Rs 100 per month as Reader allowance
  • Disabled students obtain Rs 160 per month as Transport Allowance
  • Severely disabled students are entitled to Escort Allowance of Rs 160 per month
  • Helper allowance of up to Rs 160 per month will be offered to students with disabilities
  • Coaching allowance of Rs 240 per month will be granted to mentally-retarded students

2. Umbrella Scheme for Education of Scheduled Tribes (ST) Children Post Matric Scholarship

  • The Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, offers these scholarships
  • The scheme beneficiaries will get study tour charges up to Rs 1600 per month. Besides that, the scheme covers various fees such as medical examination fees, magazine expenses, tuition fees, enrolment fees, and library fees.
  • Students are also entitled to Rs 1600 as part of Thesis-typing and Printing expenses
  • Extra allowance of Rs 1200 per month is also granted

Scheme for Award of Stipend to Scheduled Tribes (ST) Students of Arunachal Pradesh

  • The Directorate of Higher and Technical Education offers this scholarship
  • The scholarship beneficiaries are entitled to Rs 1400 per month as stipend and Rs 100 as annual book grant

Arunachal Pradesh Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility norms for the Arunachal Pradesh Government Scholarships are seen below:

  • He/she has to be a permanent resident of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh
  • The student should be enrolled in a Government-run school in the Arunachal Pradesh state
  • The applicant does not have to be availing benefits of any other Central Government Scholarship scheme
  • In the case of the Umbrella scheme for Education of Scheduled Tribe Pre-Matric Scholarship, the aspirant has to belong to the Scheduled Castes. Other than that, his/her family income has to be Rs 2 lakh or lesser.
  • Where the Umbrella Scheme for Education of ST Children Post Matric Scholarship is concerned, applicants are required to pass Class 10 and they should be studying in Class 11. More so, his/her family income must not exceed Rs 2.5 lakh scheme
  • If any student is pursuing Post-Matric studies via correspondence, then they are also invited to apply
  • As far as the Scheme for Awards of Stipend to ST students goes, the applicant is required to score minimum 60% in the previous exam
  • Only students who are pursuing eligible courses can be the beneficiaries of the stipulated schemes

Arunachal Pradesh Scholarship Scheme Required Documents

The list of documents to receive the benefits of the Arunachal Pradesh Scholarship program is as follows:

  • The Domicile Certificate of the student
  • Income Certificate copy
  • Copies of both Class 10 marksheet and Class 12 marksheet
  • Copy of School Bonafide Certificate
  • Caste Certificate copy
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card
  • Bank Details

Arunachal Pradesh Scholarships: How to Apply?

Applicants can apply via the online or offline mode for the Arunachal Pradesh scholarship schemes. To apply online, you have to:

  • Start by browsing the official portal of the National Scholarship portal,
  • You then have to register yourself on the portal by filling out the “Student Registration Form”
  • Subsequently, you will receive your login credentials, including your “Application ID” and “Password”
  • Proceed by logging in to your account on the National Scholarship Portal via your login credentials
  • You can then access the Online Application Form and you must provide the mandatory details like scheme details, bank account information, and other basic personal info.
  • Uploading scanned copies of your original documents is also part of the application process
  • After that, you should submit your application and maintain a print copy for your records

Arunachal Pradesh Scholarships: Selection Process

The concerned State Government authorities will check all details in your application. The shortlisted students can avail of scholarship benefits via bank transfers.

Arunachal Pradesh Scholarship Status 2024

Scheme Name Scheme Closing Date Defective Application Verification Date Institute Verification DNO/SNO/MNO Verification Guidelines/FAQ
Umbrella Scheme for Education of ST Students-Pre Matric Scholarship (Class IX & X) for ST Students Arunachal Pradesh Closed on 30-12-2022 Closed on 15-01-2023 Closed on 15-01-2023 Closed on 2023-01-31 Guidelines FAQ
Umbrella Scheme for Education of ST Children -Post Matric Scholarship (PMS) for ST Students Arunachal Pradesh Closed on 31-12-2022 Closed on 06-02-2023 Closed on 06-02-2023 Closed on 2023-02-09 Guidelines FAQ
Scheme for Award of Stipend to the schedule tribe students of Arunachal Pradesh Closed on 31-12-2022 Closed on 06-02-2023 Closed on 06-02-2023 Closed on 2023-02-09 Guidelines FAQ

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